March 24th, 2012

Keep Walking

Today's Motorcycle Ride!

Click for the interactive Google Map

Today, I've been riding the motorcycle almost all day! Wake up at 7am to get to the Lexington Candy Shop, established in 1925, it's a true-life luncheonette, which has become one of my favourite places to start a Saturday morning -- friendly staff, great food, real Coca-Cola (made from sugar-based syrup by hand) and awesome coffee!

Following a wonderful breakfast, I headed to the meet-up point: The "needle" at Jones Beach (actually, it's a water tower, not a needle", but that's what the locals call it!) This is where Quest Motorcyclers (a straight motorcycle club) were all meeting up at 11:00AM.

After a quick "hi, how are you", we hit the road -- although a bit chilly down by the ocean, the weather was very cooperative and we had an enjoyable ride to Nicky's Clam Bar in Bayshore, NY for lunch. Click here to see photos and ride information.

After lunch, the group broke up and everyone headed home. This was the only really disappointing thing -- the group ride (points "C" to "D") was too short in my opinion. Other than that, I had a great time!

I took the long way home... :-)