August 19th, 2011

Keep Walking

All Hail Our Benevolent Corporate Overlords!

In response to the $10B tongue-in-cheek retiree stimulus plan that's been circulating on the interwebs, a friend responded to me, "To hell with Wall Street, let's help main street."

Well, now working on Wall Street and seeing the proverbial sausage being made, I feel compelled to reply...

Greedy Americans created Wall Street. Now they want to destroy it. Funny thing is, it's Wall Street that provided them with the investments they needed to retire, the high dividends on mutual and hedge funds and the money they needed to borrow for their cars, homes and education. It's easy to personify Wall Street as the evil creature that caused the economic turmoil we're in right now; however, behind the stocks, bonds and traders here are the average residents from Main Street U.S.A.

It's easy to come up with solutions, such as the one I mentioned about providing $10M to every retiree; however, the downside of this would be that inflation would run rampant. Cause and effect.

Similarly, it has been said that an enormous wind farm covering the deserts of Arizona could provide enough power to supply all of North America. Why haven't we pursued this? What is the cause behind our unhealthy addiction to oil and fossil fuels that not only destroy the environment but are the root cause of so much bloodshed?

Where should we start? What should we do? When it comes down to it, without some radical event/force, people will resist change at any cost -- Americans, for the most part, are quite happy (and distracted) with Hollywood Stars, Cable Television, McDonald's and gas-guzzling SUVs. They will drive the three blocks from home to shop at the Wall-Mart to save 3 cents on their canned vegetables rather than walk (or take public transit) to their locally owned/locally grown farmer's market.

We live in a greedy, sick, self-centred country. All Americans need to be re-educated about everything -- but, then they might go out and vote! (shudder!)

All Hail Our Benevolent Corporate Overlords! -- they feed, clothe and entertain us, what's to worry?