August 8th, 2011

Keep Walking

Good "S&P AA+ Rating" advice for the common American

Good "S&P AA+ Rating" advice for the common American

Interest rates have nowhere to go but up. Get rid of your variable rate debt by locking it in or paying it off.

If we have runaway inflation, money in savings loses value compared to money you're earning on the job, so consider taking some savings and making any urgent repairs/purchases now.

Keep an amount in readily-available cash that makes you comfortable and gives you a safety net.

Consider stocking up on things you know you'll use, especially things like a new set of tires, or imported items, that make heavy use of petroleum products in one way or another.

As a general practice, try to become as self sufficient as possible. It's good for you!

Meet your local food producers! If the cost of oil sky-rockets, the more you can buy within a 20-mile radius of your home, the better. And locally grown food, in season, is highly likely to be better for you anyway. (Right, Dave?)