July 13th, 2011

Keep Walking

Shut the Front Door!

Okay, now the AFA/One Million Moms is really getting carried away...

"Nabisco, owned by Kraft Foods Global, Inc., is promoting their Oreo cookie product in a manner that parents find shocking. The "family" company is running an ad for their new Oreo Fudge Cremes with the phrase "Shut the Front Door." In today's teen jargon, that phrase is a euphemism for "Shut the F*@k Up!"

The ad begins with a typical family eating Oreo cookies in their kitchen at home when the mom blurts this out. Moms find this offensive, and teenagers are admitting they know what "Shut the Front Door" stands for. OMM finds it hard to believe that Kraft is unaware what this statement means. Does Kraft desire for our children to have dirty mouths?

Kraft may have thought this was humorous, but it is not cute when children go around saying this."

For those of you who don't know who the AFA is, basically they're the "I'm better than you and I'll force you to live up to the standards I set for you (but don't need to follow the same rules myself)" christian/catholic crowd that whines about everything. "One Million Moms" is their sub-division that they want companies to believe speaks on behalf of 1,000,000 mothers.

I know that when I hear kids in NYC (and other cities and towns) saying unsavoury things, it's most defiantly not "Shut the Front Door".

AFA/OMM needs to Shut the Front Door... err, Shut the fuck up! ;-)