March 1st, 2011

Keep Walking

Knock-Knock! Welcome Home!

After a weekend in Seattle with K.K. which included the EMP/SFM (Experience Music Project & Science Fiction Museum), visiting "The Cuff" (leatherbar), going up to the top of the Space Needle, wolfing down a couple of Dick's Drive-In cheeseburgers, visiting Pike Public Market where they throw fish and is home to the first-ever Seattle's Best Coffee and the first-ever Starbucks' Coffee (which are so close to each other, you'd think there'd be volleys of coffee grounds being thrown at each other!)

Of course, there are photos and a few videos at for those that care to see them in the "Trans-Canada Train Trip" folder. Seattle marked the end of my 20-day, cross-country journey by rail and we flew home on an overnight flight.

There's nothing quite like arriving home to discover the door to your home was busted down by cops and firemen two days prior for a "life alert" alarm which was sent with the wrong apartment number (ours!)... Sigh. Of course, the thick metal door needed to be bent back into something resembling a "door shape" so they could close it and a new lock had to be installed.

Now we're working on getting one of three NYC agencies to admit they broke our door down so the city will pay for a replacement door (we're estimating it will cost about $700, without the expense of new locks & keys.) The cops were here this morning and say since there's no incident number, "it didn't happen" (although eye-witnesses saw NYPD, NYFD and our apartment's own security guards here). This is something we didn't need.

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