February 23rd, 2011

Keep Walking

Trans-Canada, Day 15

I arrived in Vancouver this morning -- so far I've made it from New York's Penn Station to Vancouver using trains only, stopping in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Winnipeg! I've been faithfully uploading photos from the trip (as I go) to photos.chazhome.com.

After just under 48 hours on the train, it was nice to get out and walk around -- and walk I did! I've already been to Vancouver's Chinatown, Downtown, Gay Village (Davies St) and the Telus World of Science (which was sadly geared solely for children with ADD that like to press big shiny buttons.)

Tonight, I'll be eating at the only Nando's (that I know of) in North America (watch out Ottawa, you're getting one soon!) and then heading up the street to the Pumpjack Bar for a few cocktails and to socialize with the locals.

I remain in Vancouver until Friday evening when I depart at 17:45 on an Amtrak train, heading for Seattle, Washington. K.K. will be meeting me there and we'll have a few days before returning to New York City, thus closing the books on this whirlwind tour.

Keep Walking

Pop Quiz!

When you see a product (Soda Pop) with the name C-Plus (see image below), what nutritional value (if any) would you expect to find in it? To see the answer, click on the 'comments' button below.

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