February 15th, 2011

Keep Walking

Trans-Canada, Day 7

I'm back online today and tomorrow! The white party (on Friday) was pretty much a bust -- although very heavily promoted, the event was badly coordinated. K.K. arrived from New York the next morning for Valentine's Day weekend. We checked in the Ottawa Westin hotel on the Rideau Canal and the three of us (Alex, K.K. and myself) went skating on the canal for Winterlude -- it was one of the most successful days on the canal -- there were hundreds of people on the ice and the sun made the day comfortable. Sadly, K.K. isn't used to skating and his feet were quite sore after only 3km of skating -- so we didn't make it to Dow's Lake. On the way back, we had hot cocoa and beavertails, then plopped into the whirlpool at the hotel and had a good time! We had cocktails and dinner in the market (a region just north-east of Parliament Hill) afterwards and called it a night...

Sunday was more laid-back and on Monday we took the bus to Dow's Lake to skate the other half of the canal -- but the ice had become too soft to skate. I took K.K. to a nice restaurant for a romantic Valentine's Day dinner and then got him to the airport this morning to return to NYC.

I had a second job interview for a very exciting position with a prominent company that I admire -- I'm on the short list for the position, so I'm very excited. Perhaps, when I return to NYC in March, I'll have a new job! ;-)

Tomorrow I take the train to Toronto. It will be the last train on the journey that will have WiFi. After staying over one night and most of Thursday in Toronto, I will board the train which will take me to Winnipeg!

By the way, for those who care, Chaz' Jukebox is back online!