January 20th, 2011

Creepy Galloping Beast

Travel, Travel, Travel....

I just updated Where's Chaz to reflect my trip to Asia 31-March thru 8-April. Check out the cool mileage run K.K. arranged!

A gentle reminder -- I post my travel plans not to brag, but rather to generate interest for people to join in travelling with me and/or K.K. I'm happy to say that Michael and Marcus will be joining us in Bangor, Chip is coming down for Chinese New Year, Dave Pike is coming [once again] to GBBB and Eddie will be coming to the Raven's Run with us!

If you have any interest in going places, doing things and meeting people, look at my detailed, hour-by-hour version of "Where's Chaz" and contact me!

From a 500 mile high view, here are the highlights:

28 Jan - 30 Jan: SnoBear in Bangor, ME
03 Feb - 07 Feb: Chinese New Year / Chip coming to NYC
09 Feb - 25 Feb: Great Canadian Rail Trip Sabbatical
25 Feb - 28 Feb: Seattle, WA
04 Mar - 08 Mar: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
18 Mar - 20 Mar: Long Island Raven's Run
01 Apr - 09 Apr: Asia (Japan, Bangkok, Singapore, Malaysia, Hawaii)
27 Apr - 11 May: Great British Bear Bash, Nottingham, London and Paris
20 May - 23 May: Rochester Rams' CanAm Weekend