November 26th, 2010

Keep Walking

Trans-Canada Trip, Part II

I'm looking at taking pretty much the entire month of February to do this trip.

An offer for 50% fares from Toronto to Vancouver have just been announced from VIA Rail, which was a sign that this should happen...

Since I don't know anyone in Saskatoon, Edmonton or Jasper (that I know of), I'll skip station stops there and extend my time in Winnipeg (if that's okay with the boys in Winnipeg!)

I'll go directly from Winnipeg to Vancouver and spend four days there before taking Amtrak to Seattle and spend the last weekend of February there before flying home on Monday...


The cost of Amtrak from NYP->MTR is $62.00.

The cost of economy trips from Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto and a sleeper car from Toronto to Winnipeg and Vancouver is $847.69 (Canadian) and includes meals on the Toronto->Vancouver portion. There is WiFi from Montreal to Toronto, but not beyond.

Amtrak from Vancouver to Seattle is $35-$40 (some services are coaches?!?)

This would make the trip look like this...

... So, even though I'm jobless, I'm still working on this plan!! Once I commit to it, I'll start contacting people for accommodations in their respective cities.

Montreal ... No idea at this time, perhaps a hostel or couch-surf (it's one night!)
Ottawa ..... Alex or Nigel
Winnipeg ... Mutt will probably arrange
Vancouver .. unknown
Seattle .... Maybe Matt K.? I don't know yet...

Most importantly: I'm putting up this information in order to be a sounding board to get suggestions and comments from people. The last post I made dramatically effected my plans (as you can see!) Thanks to everyone for your help and advice!! I'm still hoping that any potential missed opportunities and/or snags will be discovered by you, my friends!!

Please comment on these plans HERE on my blog, not on Twitter nor Facebook!! That way I can keep a thread of conversation in one place.