November 8th, 2010

Keep Walking

Honking deliveryman stabbed. Survives to honk another day...

Baby-shower thugs stab deliveryman in Qns.: cops
Last Updated: 6:56 AM, November 8, 2010

A group of men attending a late-night Queens baby shower dragged a food deliveryman out of his car, broke a bottle over his head and stabbed him -- all because he was honking his horn to get them to move their double-parked cars, authorities said yesterday.

The deliveryman, whose name and place of work were withheld by police, found himself blocked by cars double-parked three deep in front of the host's home on 126th Street in Ozone Park at about 11:30 p.m. Saturday.

After he honked his horn, between five and 10 men rushed his car and pulled him out, and one of them stuck a knife in his right side.

The deliveryman was listed in stable condition last night at Jamaica Hospital.

Balloons announcing the baby shower were still tied to the mailbox in front of the house yesterday, and the streetlights on the sidewalk had been shot out.

The address is included on an internet list of day-care centers, but the phone given for it was disconnected yesterday.

Double-parked or not, I am sick and tired of people honking their horns for non-urgent issues. If you're picking someone up at home, get out of your car and ring their buzzer (or call from your mobile, ya lazy fuck!) If you're a cabbie, legal or not, honking is not an appropriate way to obtain a fare! Traffic light turned green two milliseconds ago and the guy in front of you didn't instantly move? -- fuckin' relax!!! Count to three, then you can gently toot if they haven't started moving.

People who abuse their horns should have them removed, just as a convicted rapist should his penis removed -- on a chopping block, publicly in the town square!

In my opinion, due to the honking, the deliveryman is probably more to blame for the situation! Although the article makes him appear to be the victim, I'm sure he just didn't 'toot' just once on his horn. The reporters hint that the same crowd later shot out the streetlights! Where's your proof Larry & Jessica?

Ever think that some people deserve to be stabbed because stupidity isn't painful? I'm sure he'll think twice about honking his horn late-night in a residential neighbourhood now!! In fact, why not stick his decapitated head on a pike as a warning for other possible offenders!! <--- see photo ---

You shouldn't be shocked about the day-care comment at the end of the article... what day-care centre in Ozone Park wouldn't have knifes and guns. Welcome to New York muthafukas! Think that's bad? Maybe you don't belong here.

Okay my army of noise-pollution-hating vigilantes!! Now it's on to the Mister Softee fucks (oops, trucks) that won't turn down/turn off that fucking jingle! A shotgun to the speaker should do just fine -- without anyone getting stabbed. Hey, look! Chocolate ice cream!! (Oh, wait, that's not ice cream...)

Today's song is appropriately "Leaf Blower" by the Asylum Street Spankers (who, by the way, are having their last farewell concert this month in NYC). (Watch the video below).