November 7th, 2010

Keep Walking

Trans-Canada Trip

Yes, I'm serious about crossing Canada via rail. And, as you can see, I've started to do some research into it.

Starting in New York City, I'd head to Montréal via Amtrak (not plotted at this time)

I'd depart Montréal for Ottawa on the 4th February to arrive in time for a weekend of Winterlude and attend an Ottawa Knights' Barnight at the Cell Block / Centretown Pub.

If I leave Ottawa (after recuperating) on the 8th, I'd arrive in Toronto at 17:13 and spend ~48 hours there (mid-week) as the long-haul train to Winnipeg does not run every day.

The trip from Toronto to Winnipeg is long. Very long. Thirty-four hours on a train is damn long. I obviously need to research this further -- WiFi? Food? Sleeping quarters? Showers? Etc. As it's also in the dead of winter, how warm will the train be?

That would land me in Winnipeg on Saturday morning, the 12th of February, at 8am. When are barnights in Winnipeg again?

The remainder is still up in the air -- but I'm considering stops in Saskatoon, Edmonton, Jasper and then Vancouver for a while (self-guided X-Files tour perhaps?) -- from Vancouver, I'd head back to the United States to Seattle (via rail) spend some time there and then fly home to New York.

Yeah, this is only in 'the dream phase' right now. I need to juggle work, events, meet-ups and accommodations well in advance.

At this time, it's just a concept of crossing the country via train (which I've never done before) and making stops at places where I know people and there are things to do (which is why it's currently plotted out for Winterlude in Ottawa).

Have you done this? Do you have suggestions? Do you live in any of the cities I'll be visiting? All this need to be evaluated before I begin and I'd love to hear your comments!