November 5th, 2010

Keep Walking

Gearing up for Rochester & London, New Blog Look & Feel!

I am currently finishing up my travel plans for Rochester, NY and London, England.

I will be in Rochester the week of 15-21 November 2010, with my primary focus on Homecoming and the Rochester Rams' Rich Richard's Annual Toy Drive.

I will be in London the week of 23-30 November 2010, with various events and meet-ups planned.

For both of these trips I will be working some of the time. See Where's Chaz for details.

If you look at my blog directly (not from a "friends", RRS of XML page rendering), you'll see an entire new look for my blog! Yes, I've stepped into the 21st century! I hope you like it.

I even created my own award to present to myself! The "Fabulous Fag Award!" I'm so honoured!

(Yes, the blurred-out medal is the 'Nova Scotia Medal of Bravery' -- shhh! Don't tell Nova Scotia!!!) ;-) Feel free to copy it for your own blog!

I was bored tonight and noticed a few (really lame) awards and mentions of nominations of potential awards on some other blogs -- I felt it was just as silly as the sashes at the leather/bear/rubber beauty pageants.

So, here it is... The covenanted '2010 Fabulous Fag' award! Enjoy!