October 21st, 2010

Keep Walking

RepubliCorp & So, You Think You Can Drag?

Check out this video... It would be really funny, it not so close to the truth!

I swapped work shifts with a co-worker and last night K.K. and I went to see La Bohème at the Metropolitan Opera -- it was one of the best operas I've seen to date. Funny and tragic with amazing sets and a cast of over a hundred!

When we got out of the Met, we zipped down the (1) train to 50th St (Midtown) and shuffled over to New World Stages for the premier of "So You Think You Can Drag?", the amateur elimination style drag contest.

Although K.K. nor I are huge drag fans, considering that I work every f*cking weekend, and K.K. works a normal work week, we need to find things that start and end early on my days off that we can do together -- and since this event looked fun/funny and started at 10:30pm and we expected it to end at about midnight, we checked it out.

Two VITAL things had been left out from all the advertising for this event, the starting time and the cover charge. When these items are left out, I tend to have a backup plan to go elsewhere if the cover is outrageous or the event doesn't start on time. I was relieved to see that the cover charge was fair, only $5. We also arrived in time for the start of the show!

There were five contestants, all were remarkably good -- I was really expecting a few really bad "gong show" type drag queens with mops for wigs and balloons for breasts. There were three judges and it worked a lot like American Idol does with lots of good (and some silly) comments from the judges.

As K.K. and I had arrived from the Met, we were very well dressed, wearing purple of course (yesterday, people were to wear purple in memory of the recent suicides/deaths due to homophobia.) We had a great time at the Time Out Lounge for the event, and will go back again!

There are only FIVE more shows left to this contest.

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