October 17th, 2010

Keep Walking

O.M.G. is this what we've become?

The A-List: New York

I read some very nasty reviews about Logo's new show "The A-List: New York". Before I could criticize, I watched two episodes in their entirety. I think I could feel my I.Q. dropping. Before I comment, let's see what some popwatch viewers had to say:

"Gay culture is so superficial. Like I really need something else to tell me that I’m not pretty enough, thin enough, toned enough, or rich enough to compete in this world? Isn’t that why we have Out magazine?

I’m kind of joking, but mostly serious. I don’t know why I need to watch a bunch of men who wouldn’t give me the time of day if I ran into them at a club (assuming I could even get into said club). Thanks, but no thanks, Logo" - Mike

"Eek. I made it through 26 seconds of the trailer before shutting it off. It looks incredibly distasteful, materialistic, and shallow — just a bunch of bitchy glamour pusses who think they’re more important than they actually are. At least the Real Housewives franchise is worth it for the comedy and the ridiculousness. This just seems awful." - Anonymous

"An embarrassment to ordinary gay men everywhere! Is it possible to hate people after seeing them for a little over a minute? This clip seems to prove that it is. What a bunch of superficial idiots. Of course I’ll be watching just so that I can mock them." - Bouionice

The popwatch reviews are actually kind to the show. There weren't any comments about how flamboyantly GAY these guys were. They were obviously moulded by a straight society's beliefs of how they believe gay men should behave: Speaking with lisps, walking with hands on swinging hips. Gawd!

I can honestly say I haven't seen (or at least I haven't noticed) any of these guys at the places I've been to in NYC, and trust me -- my normal haunts are much more varied than just The Eagle or Ty's.

The only "A-List" these queens are on exists only in their minds and the minds of their friends. It's a house of cards that many "Chelsea boys" discover simply falls apart when you hit 30 (unless you make some very smart choices early on). Truly sad.

I can't help but feel embarrassed for the guys in this show -- as once the hallucinations induced by their spray-on tans fade away, they'll see what fools they've been for years to come in re-run after re-run on Logo.

But don't take my word for it -- watch it yourself and judge!

HEY! Trey Parker and Matt Stone: If you think you had fun with New Jersey this week, just imagine what you can do with material like this!!

Bear City

In other A-List news (smirk) -- keep your eyes peeled for K.K., Carlin and myself as "background" in the movie "Bear City" -- now on the big screens in New York City for a limited engagement! They just had their opening night screening & party this past Friday...

The Story: "It’s summer in New York City, and the neighbourhood bears are coming out of hibernation. A group of friends is getting ready for the annual week-long celebration of all things bear, but plans keep getting turned upside down. BearCity is Queer As Folk meets Sex in the City — only with more hair and tons of hot bear-on-bear action!

Closet cub Tyler fantasizes about stuffing Santa’s stocking and finding a Daddy bear to do more than cuddle. But as he dives into the bear community, he finds that it can be hard for a hairless guy to get some fuzzy loving. Scene stealers Brent and Fred are the maybe-not-so-monogamous couple who invite him to move in as they figure out how to spice things up.

Southern bear-belle Michael struggles to juggle his lover, his job search and his body image issues, but an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction might solve all three. Rakish Roger is the stud-about-town, and he’ll pretty much bang (on screen) anyone with facial hair. That is, until an awesomely awkward encounter at the local bowling alley challenges both his bowling prowess and his bear-loving mojo. Add to that some adorable eye-candy, an indispensable fairy-god-roommate, beer busts and “stroller meat,” and BearCity makes for a beartastic summertime romp."

Bear City is a TLA Releasing production.