July 29th, 2010

Keep Walking

Happy Birthday to me!

As I've been avoiding socialization the past few weeks, I've had some more "me" time (as well as work time) to do a few things and catch up on others... (A friend once told me: "You can always tell if you're good company if you can stand being alone.") I've been going through my address book and telephone lists, deleting people I don't talk with any more. This is something I typically so in the fall when my depression hits -- but with the last few week's drama, I've learned that having a small group of tight friends is far better then having a large group of loose friends.

Motorcycle Maintenance. In addition to the normal 28k and 32k maintenance cycle, I now have a motorcycle that has both Massachusetts and New York inspection stickers (at the same time!), how many people can say that? A new clutch is being put on today -- city driving eats clutches! A new heavy chrome licence place frame and matching "K.G. Luggage Rack" is being installed this week also! Camrod Motorsports' repair shop is awesome! Pedero, the shop manager, is well known to the NYC biker community (unlike "New York Yamaha" in Queens, who fucked me over time and again!) Other things that have been done include: New fuel gague float, Replace left turn signal bulb, Install chrome inspection sticker bracket, and finish the alarm install (engine cut-out never completed).

I've watched the entire series of Trailer Park Boys, a Canadian comedic "mockumentary" television series created and directed by Mike Clattenburg that focused on the misadventures of a group of trailer park residents, some of whom are ex-convicts, living in a trailer park located in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. It's now on chazhome.com in this library, should you want to see it...

Next in queue is season two of "Being Human"!

Download Being Human, click here.

K.K. and I went to see Inception last night (we had free passes) -- what a wonderful mind-fuck movie! Not since The Matrix have I been thrown into such heavy thought watching a movie. That's always an indicator that the movie was good (for me!)

I've chatted with a few friends outside of NYC the past few weeks, such as Dave Pike in Nottingham, England; Calum Campbell in Edinburgh, Scotland; Dan Marty and Albert Rizzo in Hemlock, NY. I had a surprise visit from a friend from Toronto, Ontario -- Iain! He got stranded at the airport changing planes due to bad weather -- so he called me up and we put him up for the night! I took him out to three gay bars in Manhattan: "G Lounge" (which was DILF "Daddies I'd Like to Fuck" night), then to the Rawhide for some sleaze and finally the NYC Eagle. I haven't been out like this in a while!

In upstate New York, my friend Bill (of "Bruce and Bill") just got a fancy new hip yesterday! He should be up and about in a few days.

Oh, yeah.. And it's my 44th Birthday today! Woo-hoo!

Since I'm working 8pm-8am W,Th,F,S this week -- K.K. is taking me out to dinner on Sunday, followed by a concert with my favourite American Folk/Comedy band, The Asylum Street Spankers. This is their "farewell tour", and although I'm sad to see them break up, I'm glad to have been following them for the past four years. They're so cool. The video that grabbed my attention to them was "Stick Magnetic Ribbons on Your SUV" -- simply fantastic. Then I found more and more of their stuff and saw them live in Cambridge when I was living in Boston. And yes, you can get some of their music on Chaz' Jukebox on chazhome.com.

I've completely revamped Where's Chaz (my online schedule), due to the fact I work virtually every weekend... Now all days are shown, working days have a bright blue "W" next to them. Where's Chaz stretches all the way to 5 December 2010 (of course, there's a lot of unfilled space at this time, but that will change!)

I will be home-bound the first two weeks of August, but then the travel starts!! London (UK), Lyndonville (NY), Hemlock (NY), Toronto (ON), West Guilford (ON) and then Scotland! It's good to be getting a paycheque again!