July 19th, 2010

Keep Walking

Da Do Run Run Run...

The summer "run season" is upon the leather community! The Long Island Ravens just held their annual Motorcycle/Leather weekend at Hillside Campground (which I could not attend, due to my work schedule).

At this time, my typical work schedule is the overnight shift every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 8pm to 8am and alternating Wednesdays. In Eastern Time Zone, it looks like this:

This makes weekend activities are difficult (at best) for me. If I want to travel, I'll need to bring my laptop and plug it into the A/C and broadband internet so I can do my job.

I'm taking time off (without pay) to go to the Rochester Rams' Run and the Spearhead Run in August. When I go to England, I'll actually be working from 1am-1pm over the weekend. *sigh*

My plans to attend two weddings have been cancelled, not due to work, but due to lack of communication from all parties involved. These are the Scott Perritt-Hayes & Thomas Simmons wedding 31st July in New Hampshire and the Bruce MacWhorter & Bob Iddings in Rochester on 11 September weddings. My high school's 25th Reunion is on 31 July, and I'm unable attend that as well... *double sigh*

My birthday weekend is coming up -- and again, I have no plans, as I am working. K.K. will be taking me out to dinner on Sunday to celebrate.

The first weekend fun I can look forward to is London in August, and I'll be working whilst in London!! That should be a fun trip! Daniel and Orlando are having a joint birthday party and my MBM group is having a meet-up at the Hoist on Sunday evening.

I return from England the night before K.K.'s (physical) birthday (his actual party will be merged with our mutual friend's Tabi on the evening of 15 August.) I work a DAY SHIFT on K.K.'s birthday, then I'm off until 8th September as I travel to the Rams' Run and the Spearhead Run!

I've revamped the "Where's Chaz" at-a-glance to show all days, not just weekend days, as I now have weekdays as time off. It's new and colourful -- check it out, if you like. Until then, I'll have to learn to enjoy Monday & Tuesday (and every other Wednesday) as my days off. I've told some mates that I'm free on these days to go motorcycle riding, but haven't heard from them -- which is sad, but understandable when they have a normal work-week.

Let's watch the Chihuahua wearing the taco again, shall we?