May 11th, 2010

Keep Walking


Exciting news is on the horizon...

As usual, I'm busier than the proverbial one-armed paper hanger. After getting home from England and Germany, KK and I had a house-guest for the past week from Toronto. It was his first-ever trip to New York City. He seemed to enjoy himself!

Last week featured lunch in Manchester, dinner in Frankfurt, breakfast on the plane, then right into the Empire City, M.C. meeting! E.C.M.C. has a lot planned for 2010, some great rides and our usual Biker Weekend and Toys for Tots being the focals.

Playing catch-up and follow-up on job interviews was urgent on Thursday and Friday.

K.K., Pierre, Melinda and I had yummy Dim Sum on Saturday. My Cantonese is getting better -- I can now follow some conversation and say basic things -- but it will be years before I will be able to say "我是流利在广东,请感觉自由与我谈话它。", if ever. For now, it's things like: "星期五,二十九7月" ;-)

I put the new Dr. Who on with record speed -- it only took 20 minutes before people around the world were downloading it...

Sunday was Bear Den (on Mother's Day), it was a slower Bear Den, but we all had a great time! Photos are at and at and soon to be at

Monday was more catch-up. I managed to get my e-mail inbox down to seven messages, which was a huge relief! Today (Tuesday), I took Pierre to the NJT to get to the airport, and came home to do cleaning and more catch-up.... it never ends, does it?

Upcoming this week is:

- Fire/Flag night at Ty's (tonight from 8:30pm-10pm)
- The NYC Gay Travel Expo at 'the Centre' on 12 May from 4pm-9pm
- K.K. and I go on a Las Vegas weekend trip (14 May thru 17 May)

After that, I'll be on the motorcycle the following week:

- 19-20 May: Boston, MA - MMA's Storm the State House
- 21-24 May: Rochester, NY - Rochester Rams & Spearhead CanAm Weekend

... then there's my exciting news! Stay tuned!