April 19th, 2010

Keep Walking

Dr. Who, Season 5, Episode 3: Victory of the Daleks

Victory of the Daleks is now online Chazhome.com, as is Dr. Who Confidential: War Games (the behind-the-scenes show).

"Radio Free Skaro" just reviewed and ripped apart the new Daleks and the 'Victory of the Daleks' episode (as many of my sci-fi friends and I have been doing on the phone the past two days).

"The Daleks are back! And that’s…..well, middling. The Three Who Rule chewed over “Victory of the Daleks,” including the new, sleek models that have all of fandom agog with either love or hate, the WW2 models that instantly warmed our coal-black hearts, and the jowly presence of one Winston Churchill, saviour of Britain. Still, it’s thankfully no “Daleks in Manhattan”. Geronim-ate!"

They've also reported that Matt Smith and Katy Manning will appear in Sarah Jane Adventures!


You can wait for new Dr. Who episodes to appear on BBC America (edited [shortened] to allow for additional commercials), or watch them uncensored, before they air in Canada or the United States on Chazhome.com!

Visit www.chazhome.com/dr who today and get first Dr. Who bragging rights!

Wait! Wait!! What about Torchwood?!?!?

Glad you asked!! Zap2it reports: FOX is in the process of developing a U.S. version of the British sci-fi hit "Torchwood." And while that sentence might normally strike fear into our hearts, the apprehension level is somewhat lower in this case.

That's because in addition to securing the remake rights from the BBC, FOX is also hiring "Torchwood" creator Russell T. Davies to write a pilot script, according to The Hollywood Reporter. There's even a chance that some of the current show's cast would cross over to the new series; the HR mentions John Barrowman by name.

Two seasons of "Torchwood" -- an offshoot of "Doctor Who" about a government agency that tracks and captures aliens -- and the miniseries "Children of Earth" have aired in this country on BBC America. "Children of Earth," which aired last summer, set ratings records for the channel, and the show has been a big success in its home country as well.

Davies' producing partner, Julie Gardner, will be an executive producer on the FOX project, as will former BBC executive Jane Tranter. The U.S. version of "Torchwood" is still in its infancy; FOX hasn't yet decided whether to order a pilot episode.

Davies is also gearing up for a fourth season of "Torchwood" on the BBC.

News from Gallifrey One:

We are delighted to announce that the Los Angeles Airport Marriott Hotel has opened up Gallifrey One's 2011 room block, meaning hotel reservations are now available! As we announced last summer, due to the negotiations that came out of our unexpected date shift for last February's convention, Gallifrey One is now available to offer the special room price of only $100.00 per night per room... a discount of nearly twenty dollars per night from last year's prices, and a rate good for the next three years! Click on the link to visit our Hotel page, which gives you specific directions about reserving a hotel room. (Note: we do encourage you to do so online; by phone has proven to be a bit more tricky!

We are also extremely delighted to announce that, starting with our 2011 convention, Gallifrey One has secured the entire convention floor for our event. No longer will we be sharing the convention center - the lower floor of the hotel, under the main lobby level - with other functions during the weekend... everything from our programming to dealers room, art show to autographs, video and photos, located in the convention space. (The only exceptions: the con suite and party rooms, located in the hotel proper.) Convention registration will also be out in the main foyer area, and there will be much more room to move around.

Also... we've updated our website! Check out the menu bar above; while some of the sections are still unavailable (such as programming, masquerade, the schedule and membership list), the Dealers Room & Art Show, Hotel & Transportation and other pages are now live. More coming soon... enjoy!

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