March 19th, 2010

Keep Walking

Second Ave Subway (T) (Q) -- an update

The Second Avenue Subway (T) is New York City's first major expansion of the subway system in over 50 years. When fully completed, the line will stretch 8.5 miles along the length of Manhattan's East Side, from 125th Street in Harlem to Hanover Square in Lower Manhattan.

In addition, a track connection to the existing 63rd Street and Broadway Line (Q), will allow a second subway line to provide direct service from East Harlem and the Upper East Side to West Midtown via the Broadway express tracks.

I blogged about the 'SAS' on December '08, but have been somewhat quiet for the past 15 months. Despite the poor economy, the MTA running into even more debt and some pessimists who wrote me comments like "don't hold your breath", the Second Ave Subway construction is still going strong! Another fellow blogger has been documenting the entire project at The Launchbox, which as a lot of photos, commentary and information about the SAS project, including older photos of development, such as "Second Avenue Subway Construction in the 1970s!"

The MTA's official SAS page has been updated to include more detail -- a revised timeline for Phase 1 (which began in April 2007) is now scheduled to be completed in 2016. When complete, the (Q) subway service will extend north to the new 96 St & 2nd Ave station. Other new (Q) line stops along 2nd Ave include: Lexington Ave/63rd St, 72nd St and 86th St!

Phase 2 construction will occur from 125th St to 105th St (utilizing an existing subway tunnel section from 110th–120th Sts) -- that's when the Subway stations at 106th and 108th (on my block) will be opening! The subway service provided will be from 125th St to West Midtown Manhattan and Brooklyn via a further extension of the (Q) train train (the Broadway Line).

Phase 3 will include the development of the new (T) subway which will traverse 2nd Ave from 125th St all the way to to Houston St! When this is completed, you'll be able to go door to door from my home to the East Village (stops on both 14th St & Houston!

Yeah, it's still taking longer than expected -- but it's happening!