March 5th, 2010

Keep Walking

Wow! Not a single comment?

I honestly expected a tsunami of commentary from my last blog entry, but I guess that everyone realizes that forced circumcision to anyone, boy or girl, whether or not allowed by their parents or not, should be a crime against humanity.

Due to the press we're getting, online discussion/commentary sections connected to them reveal the true pulse of the public, even when the article is clearly not in favour of the MGM Bill! I'll have more on the MGM Bill in my next post... until then, allow me to tell you about something else going on:

Empire City, M.C. News

The NEW Empire City Motorcycle Club website is now online! Check it out and let me know if you notice any errors please!

Starting 7th April 2010, Empire City, M.C. will resume meeting at "The Centre", 208 W 13th St, New York, NY 10011 from 8pm-9pm. All bikers & prospects are welcome!

There are many events and rides in our "Rides & Events" calendar - if you're a safe rider, you're welcome to join us for them! Contact our Road Captain for information about any of the events in our calendar.

Spring is coming! I intend to be on my bike again this weekend!
Keep Walking

What can YOU do to help protect innocent children?

Please show your support for MGM Bill:
Comment to the online articles in the links below
Help enlighten the masses by speaking in favour of Massachusetts Senate Bill 1777 and against infant circumcision!  Login daily (or more often if you can) to the websites below have 'comment' sections and NEED your input!  The alarm has been sounded on some of the pro-circ sites -- the MGM Bill's day in the State House is truly "the shot heard 'round the world" for intactivists!!!  You can bet the people that believe it's a parent's right to mutilate and maim their children will be speaking out -- and those that already have harmed their children will defend their decision, as not to admit any possible wrong doing.
I know you can't possibly reply to each and every message, but please tick the "LIKE" or "thumbs up" buttons (or 'report abuse' for off-topic/hurtful messages or click the "thumbs down" button).  An influential voting member of the committee COULD be reading and may vote upon what they perceive as "public opinion"!
In order of highest reader/viewership:
FOX25 Boston:  *HOT TOPIC!Over 680 comments so far!
WBZ (CBS:Boston): -- Still, only THREE commnets.
Boston Herald:   Although the article ran 21 February (over a week ago), comments are still flowing!
Worcester Telegram & Gazette: - The most prominent quote in this article is "The Jewish people will never allow this to happen"
Rant/Rave:  -- comments area digressing to name-calling
Rolling Doughnut:  -- Very ANTI-RIC -- Please show your support for this blog.
Write to the Massachusetts Joint Committee on the Judiciary:
Michael Avitzur, Legislative Counsel to Senator Creem (
Rep. Eugene O’ Flaherty, House Judiciary Chair (
Senator Cynthia Creem, Senate Judiciary Chair (
Senator Steven Baddour, Senate Judiciary Vice-Chair (
Senator Gale Candaras (
Senator Jack Hart (
Senator Thomas McGee (
Senator Bruce Tarr (
Rep. Christopher Speranzo, House Judiciary Vice-Chair (Rep.ChristopherSperanzo@Hou.State.MA.US)
Rep. James Fagan (
Rep. Colleen Garry (
Rep. Marie St. Fleur (
Rep. John Fernandes (
Rep. Katherine Clark (
Rep. James Dwyer (
Rep. Danielle Gregoire (
Rep. Lewis Evangelidis (
Rep. Daniel Webster (
When you write them, please carbon copy me, so I can pass the letter onto Matthew Hess.
Also, be sure to spread this message to your family and friends, you need not be a U.S. citizen nor a Massachusetts resident to speak out!! 
Like I've said in several interviews: At the very least this is raising awareness of the issue and getting parents and people to discuss it before signing consent for a procedure that could harm their child.  As for passing a law to banish the procedure, even I said in the Worcester Telegram, “Our bill doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of getting passed”; however, criminalizing circumcision by making it illegal (MBM Bill) is only ONE avenue intactivists are pursuing.  Others actions include:   
  • Getting circumcision de-funded by many health insurance companies and Medicaid (14 states do far!)
  • Educating the masses online, in print, on television, on billboards and more -- making parents aware of the consequences of their actions and making those injured by circumcision also aware.
  • The pièce de résistance will take place in 2014 when males circumcised after September 30, 1996 (when the U.S. FEDERAL FGM law went into effect) will become adults.  With the help of our agencies, there will be a LOT of angry, educated, circumcised 18 year old men who will sue individual States and the United States Government for not enforcing the law protecting their genitals from mutilation without gender bias under the 14th amendment to the United States Constitution.  If that's not good enough, with circumcision rates estimated to go below 50% by 2014, circumcised men will become "the odd man out" and we'll see more charges of assault against doctors, hospitals, insurance companies and parents!  (They love to sue in the United States.)
The saturation of information about circumcision, as facilitated by the uncensored internet is helping to get the word out avoiding religious/zionist censorship in the mainstream United States media.  People are learning.  Comments can be seen from people from the rest of the civilized world, calling infant circumcision barbaric.  People are questioning tradition, religion, their health care providers and circumcision.
I can pretty much assure that there will be a recommendation for circumcision from the CDC soon.  We need to be ready for this.  It will feel to be a crushing defeat.
Read the regular updates on and read my BLOG entry about's day on the hill: 
Charles A. Antonelli, Massachusetts State Office
47 Washington St, Box 690762, Quincy, MA  02269-0762

It is ILLEGAL in the United States to circumcise girls. Therefore, according to the 14th amendment, boys are guaranteed equal protection under the law.  One of the problems with that is that many people see female and male circumcision as totally different things. Many people who view female circumcision as barbaric, but view male circumcision as perfectly acceptable.