February 26th, 2010

Keep Walking

Chaz' Biker News

It was like taking a double-dose of Prozac on Wednesday with I uncovered Sabados (my motorcycle), cleaned, washed, polished did some routine maintenance then went out for a ride!  I knew the snow was coming -- and it was my last opportunity to do this for a while.  Folks on the street when I was stopped at traffic lights smiled and chatted with me freely about how near the spring was!  It was glorious.

I'm missing my bike something fierce -- and fierce is a very good word to describe my mood when I don't have access to ride. 

In gay bike club news:
  • The Pocono Warriors are celebrating their anniversary this (snowy) weekend in Philadelphia, PA.  Congrats boys!  I think they're 32 years old now!
  • The Long Island Raven's celebrate their 19th anniversary March 19th-20th with their annual RUN and DINNER.  Information is at http://www.liravensmc.org/
  • Empire City has some great rides and events coming up this spring and summer, including our 46th annual free Biker's Picnic and Bike Blessing (which will be the weekend following Memorial Day) -- information is in the club's calendar at http://www.empirecitymc.com/
  • The Rochester Rams, M.C. have secured their traditional weekend for their 35th Anniversary at their private campground -- it'll be the weekend before Labour Day.  Information coming to http://www.rochesterrams.com/ soon.
Biker's rights news:

The Massachusetts Motorcycle Association (a non-gay lobbying group) has won two major battles for all biker's rights:

#1) The Massachusetts Motorcycle Association (MMA) reported to its membership that “Motorcycle Only” checkpoints [like we had in New York in the spring in 2009!] were initiated in the small Town of Sterling, MA last July 15th stopping any and all Motorcycles without probable cause for “safety checks”.  These stops resulted in numerous citations issued for a range of violations including non-functioning lights, tire tread depth, helmets and exhaust systems.  In October, 15 of those riders stood up for their rights and yours in front of a Magistrate and today, 4 more riders went before a MA District Court Judge and were found “Not Responsible” for all 6 charges.  Read more at

#2) New Hampshire's "Anti-Motorcycle" bills were successfully defeated: The Massachusetts Motorcycle Association (MMA) was in attendance to represent the Motorcyclists of Massachusetts at the New Hampshire State House on January 28th in opposition to 2 bills – NH HB 1162 and NH HB 1261 which would have respectively required all riders to wear helmets and all motorcycles to have EPA-stamped exhaust systems.  Both bills were subsequently voted “Inexpedient to Legislate” (ITL) unanimously by the NH House Transportation Committee, and last week the MMA reported to our members that NH HB 1261 had been successfully defeated.  The MMA is pleased to report that the NH House today voted to also defeat NH HB 1162.  Read more at http://www.massmotorcycle.org/
(Yeah, these are New England news items, but it affects all riders!)
Biker's education:
- If you were riding this season and came across an accident scene, would you know what to do?
- If you were riding this season and you or someone in your group were in an accident, would you be prepared?
The Massachusetts Motorcycle Association takes Motorcycle Safety very seriously and with the help of Accident Scene Management, Inc (ASMI - http://www.accidentscene.net ), developed the following low-cost classes:
  • Crash Course for the Motorcyclist
  • Heartsaver CPR
  • Advanced Bystander Assistance

I am interested in pursuing the creation of similar classes here in New York City. 


There are two instructors (below) in the New York area.


I need to know: Is anyone interested in these potentially life-saving classes?  If so, please e-mail me today!!  I'm guessing we'll need 10-30 people to hold classes; furthermore, I feel it would be a rewarding activity for bikers in the NYC area us to do during our winter "down time".  Please let your mates know about my idea -- I really would like to see this happen!




Joe “Stormin” Norman - Assistant Instructor

I work for the NYC Dept. of Transportation. I have been riding motorcycles for over 35 years. I am a co-founder of the Staten Island Bikers Association and co-founder of the Low Riders Motorcycle Club. I belong to ABATE of NY, H.O.G., AMA and am a Rider Coach for the MSF and MANYS. I became interested in teaching this program out of my desire to teach my fellow bikers how to be safe through proper riding skills. My goal is not to attend another friend’s funeral over something that could have been prevented. 
To schedule a class, contact me at ASMINYC@aol.com

John Colandrea, Paramedic - Lead Instructor
Having been around the fire service since his dad was a fire chief and EMT back in the 70’s John learned early on the importance of “Knowing what to do”.  Having been an EMT and Paramedic since the early 90’s, most of what he has encountered was completely preventable.  He became a motorcycling instructor to help put himself out of business as a paramedic.  His ultimate goal is for you to NEVER use the first aid skills or collision avoidance techniques he teaches, but statistics show that this is not reality.  Therefore, we must all become part of the solution.  TRAINING is the BEST accessory you can buy for your bike and your life! John and his mother operate Capital Area Motorcycling School, Inc. in Troy, NY which trains nearly 1300 students each year in basic, intermediate and advanced riding.  He is an MSF RiderCoach and ScooterCoach, Total Control ARC instructor, EVOC instructor and USCA Curling Instructor.  Besides his family, his vices are trackdays and curling. Info and schedules at www.hvcc.edu/rider  To schedule as ASMI class, contact John at CAMSTraining@nycap.rr.com www.hvcc.edu/rider  To schedule as ASMI class, contact John at CAMSTraining@nycap.rr.com
In Brotherhood,
Chaz Antonelli.,
Vice President, Empire City Motorcycle Club