February 25th, 2010

Keep Walking

The "imagination" discussion...

I was chatting with a mate about how useful the imagination was... needles to say, the conversation went away. Here's an excerpt:

All too often, people dismiss their imagination at an early age. Imagination is a good thing.

For example, a good imagination allows development and progression (but not necessarily progress) to this extent:

Step 1) Someone watches "Will It Blend?" <-- at the very least, you must click on this site, it's so you!!!

Step 2) As the ''someone ''in step 1 is male, sex immediately enters the brain, creating the "A10 Cyclone" in Japan (NSFW). Note: This device also makes awesome coleslaw -- be sure you wash thoroughly between the two processes!

Step 3) Mark Silverman performs his foretelling and cautionary song, "Don't Stick Your Dick in a Blender" at Burning Man (preserved for posterity on YouTube).

Step 4) Oh dear, someone ignores Mark's song (NSFW) and rapidly changes their religion. I hear some Rabbi in the world saying "Oi Vay! I'm out of a job!"

Step 5) (and to carry this issue to ad nauseam) in Wiki Answers, someone asks "Should you stick your penis in a blender?", to which someone replies: "YES!!! DO IT DO IT DO IT!! Research has found blender sex makes your penis bigger!"

Or, I could have used ITIL as an example, but it wouldn't be as funny... or would it?