February 11th, 2010

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New Hampshire Anti-Motorcycle Bills

On Thursday, January 28th, representatives from the Massachusetts Motorcycle Association (MMA) joined their counterparts from the New Hampshire Motorcycle Rights Organization (NHMRO), the American Motorcycle Association (AMA), and Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) at the New Hampshire State House in opposition to NH House Bills 1162 and 1262 pertaining to Helmet Use and Motorcycle Sound Emissions. See “MMA joins NHMRO in their fight against anti-Motorcyclist Bills” on the MMA website for more information: http://www.massmotorcycle.org/content.aspx?page_id=5&club_id=769540&item_id=12037

As previously reported, both bills were marked “Inexpedient to Legislate” in Executive Session unanimously by the NH House Transportation Committee. The next step in the NH Legislative Process is to add the recommendation to the “Consent Calendar” for vote by the full NH House of Representatives. Unfortunately, any member of the NH Legislature can “pull” a bill from the Consent Calendar and call for a full vote, which is what was done in these cases.

The NH House met on Wednesday, February 10th to vote on HB 1261 – concerning Motorcycle Sound Emissions. The vote was 267 to 28 in opposition of the bill, effectively killing it for this Legislative Session. If passed, this would have required all Motorcycles to be equipped with OEM exhaust systems bearing an EPA stamp, detailed opposition to which was outlined in the MMA testimony (see the MMA Update Link above).

Remaining for vote is NH HB 1161, which would require Motorcyclists in NH to wear Helmets. This has not yet been voted upon by the NH House, and we expect that to occur when the House is in session, next Wednesday.

The MMA will report further when NH NB 1161 has been voted upon.

For More Information, see http://www.massmotorcycle.org or contact LegislativeDirector@MassMotorcycle.org

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MGM Bill MA (S 1777) slated for PUBLIC HEARING!

After years of fighting to keep the bill alive, I’m pleased to tell you that the Massachusetts MGM bill will be heard by the committee at a public hearing on March 2nd, at 1 PM in Room A-1 of the State House.  This is a major accomplishment for MGM bill and men's rights to choose circumcision (or not) for themselves!  If you are pro-choice, please consider attending this public hearing on Tuesday, March 2nd, at 1 PM in Room A-1 of the State House.

The chart below tracks the current status of the Massachusetts MGM Bill (S. 1777) sponsored by
Senator Michael Morrissey on behalf of Charles A. Antonelli as it moves through the state legislative process.


For a brief history of the Massachusetts MGM Bill, please visit our history page.



January 9, 2007

Amended bill proposal is resubmitted to each member of the Massachusetts 185th General Court by Charles A. Antonelli.



January 10, 2007

 Senate sponsor is found and bill is filed with the Senate Clerk's office. Clerk assigns tracking number (Senate Docket #1348), bill number (Senate, No. 966) and study committee (Joint Committee on the Judiciary).



March 4, 2008

Joint Committee on the Judiciary holds public hearing on Senate, No. 966 and issues a follow-up study order on May 1st to allow more time for study.



January 14, 2009

Bill is refiled for the 2009-10 session, renumbered (Senate, No. 1777), retitled, and is again referred to the Joint Committee on the Judiciary.


The Massachusetts MGM Bill is now in the hands of the Joint Committee on the Judiciary, where it will be scheduled for a public hearing and committee vote.



House and Senate Floor

If the Joint Committee on the Judiciary approves the bill by majority vote, it will proceed to the House and Senate floor for a debate and vote by all sitting members. Differing versions will be resolved by a Conference Committee and the process will repeat.



Governor's Signature

If both the House and Senate approve the bill by majority vote, it will be forwarded to Governor Deval Patrick for signature.



Enactment, Implementation, and Enforcement

If the Governor signs the bill, it will be implemented by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and enforced by local police.