August 31st, 2009

Keep Walking


Tomorrow, 1 September 2009 would have been Johnny Ipacs and my 12th anniversary. The day after, 2 September 2009 is the 2nd anniversary of his death in 2007.

Above is a video I spent several hours piecing together three years before John's death -- when he was hospitalized and we all thought he was going to die...

The tattoo on my left arm reads "Johnny." It's short for Johnny Ipacs. Johnny also had my name hidden on his body tattooed in large print as well! (Obviously, you don't arbitrarily get a tattoo of someone's name on your body without there being a serious connection.) Johnny and I shared a total of three unique, matching tattoos.

Johnny and I celebrated five years together as a couple in September of 2002 -- but 2002 was a very bad year for us -- by 15 February 2003 I had moved to Boston, Massachusetts due to a number of relationship issues. Johnny and I reconciled our differences and became very close friends in 2004 -- but his health began to fail shortly thereafter. During the last three years of his life, Johnny's health was failing quite rapidly. He was in hospital more often than not with a myriad of conditions.

I created the video to rally his friends to come and support him while we still could.

Some of you might recognize some of these photos, people or places in this video. Consider yourself lucky to have been a part of our lives -- I hope you appreciate the video.

Thank you.

Please note: This video contains brief male parts in an artistic form. This is a dedication video: Please don't mark as improper. If you even think you might be offended, simply don't bother watching this video. Thanks for your understanding. Those who know Johnny also know that this collage speaks reams of how he lives his life, and this is exactly the way he would want to be thought of.

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