January 5th, 2009

Keep Walking

My next big EU/UK trip is under development...

It's on the back-burner of my mind right now, but I'm thinking of the following rough itinerary:

09-APR-09 - Fly from New York, NY, USA to Paris, France hang out with Herve Champagnac for a while [note: Easter, Easter Monday]
16-APR-09 - Euro Star (Chunnel) Paris -> London, hang out with Chris Hansen & Wai-Liang, Orlando & Daniel, perhaps Mike & Riz (and/or Dave Pike) will come to town?
20-APR-09 - Train to Salisbury to visit Mike & Riz and perhaps take a day trip to Bath [note: Queen's Birthday, St. George's Day]
24-APR-09 - Train to Cardiff and hang with Stuart & Paul
27-APR-09 - Train to Nottingham to annoy Dave Pike some more
30-APR-09 - Drive/Train to Manchester for the Great British Bear Bash
04-MAY-09 - Then fly from Manchester to home in New York City

Of course, I'm only in the rough planning stages of this trip and many people are involved with making it work.

Please contact me via e-mail with your ideas, suggestions and comments about this trip.