December 10th, 2008

Semi Naked!

The days of reckoning...

Walt Dyer and Chaz Antonelli (photo taken in 1994)
founders of Rochester Custom Leathers
(R.C.L. was open 29 Jul 1989 thru 31 Dec 1999)

Rochester Custom Leathers - circa 1994
Walt Dyer, Ed Bremner, Eusabio Alvarez, Chaz Antonelli

Rochester Custom Leathers - circa 1998
... at the Gay Pride Parade, Rochester, NY

It's always rough to go through your entire life's possessions -- it truly is a snapshot of what you've done with your life and what you've accomplished (or not). I carried down boxes of 'things' I brought from New York when I first came to Boston from the attic and began sorting them out. It's something I've been fearing for some time, as there will be all sorts of memories -- good and bad...

There was a box chock-full of appreciation awards for myself, Rochester Custom Leathers and Multicom-4 -- all of these things trigger so many memories. Goofy little things that have followed me throughout my entire life, and other odds and ends that I have accumulated over the years. Each trinket a memory of some event or person.

I've been sorting things into four piles:

1) Pack it to move to New York
2) Donate or give it away
3) Long term storage
4) Throw away/recycle.

The piles of things have managed to put me in a melancholy mood. I think back and miss the good times from the last 25 years. Then I find all the funeral cards and the trinkets that represent other people's lives who had died over the past 25 years... :-(

I feel old.

Today's joyful song is: Get Set Go - I Hate Everyone