November 19th, 2008

Chaz at work

Out of work -- accelerating my move to New York

As many of you know, I have been planning to move to New York City in Q1/2009. Just when plans are made, things change...

As of 6 November 2008, after almost ten years of servitude, I lost my job with IBM. The really odd thing is, communication with IBM management and myself is virtually non-existent (other than absolutely required confidentiality statements to cover IBM's butt). I am working with IBM's Human Resources, but honestly, my position with IBM was moving in a direction that I did not like -- it was becoming an extremely 'hands off' position, consisting mostly of meetings, reports and excel spreadsheets. My last few projects with IBM involved complete commercial customer systems security review and inventory, a huge push to reconcile all security violations on all servers (which was due about the same time I got the axe) and training folks in India, Brazil, Argentina and Beijing how to perform my job.

It seems when Sam Palmisano took over as C.E.O. of IBM (replacing Lou Gerstner), IBM stopped caring about their employees and focusing (once again) on just the bottom line.

My dream job, a position with IBM's BCRS (Business Continuity and Resiliency Services) was withdrawn and massive layoffs ensued when the economy took a dive (over half of the department I was going to work for were laid off the day Lehman Brothers filed bankruptcy). That job would have been perfect for me -- but just like everything else in my life, when things look their best, everything goes to hell. (Did you notice IBM stock hit a 52-week low since I left? Coincidence? I think not).

It's the sign of the times, but I have marketable skills. I have already received several technical job offers -- however, they were all based in the Boston area, and since I'm moving to New York City, it makes no sense to work in Boston for just 42 days when I could be packing and moving. Since I'll have time on my hands and in due consideration that I was already planning a move to New York, I am accelerating my move to New York City. I will be living in Manhattan full-time by year's end. That way I can start looking for a new career in Manhattan as soon as possible.

I'm looking in the usual places for jobs right now; however, if you know of any careers based in the New York City area that fit my abilities and aspirations (preferable that offer business travel), please let me know!

My speciality is UNIX disaster recovery planning and execution (Business Continuity/Resiliency), but I also have loads of experience with UNIX configuration/security, technical contract and delivery compliance as well as technical project transition management. I really enjoy working with the 'end customer' and travelling.

I am certified in many unique areas and have some special certifications and security clearances where needed for regulated positions. (My job need not be completely technical, although I have been a professional Unix/VMS administrator and computer security/contract administrator for roughly the past 10 years with IBM).

I'll be looking for work in January 2009, so please keep an 'ear to the ground' for any suitable position in New York City with an opening after 1 January 2009.

I prefer a job that: Rewards employees that are good performers, offers good benefits and has some business travel.

If you know of anything, please let me know. Please contact me only via my primary e-mail, not through anywhere else.