October 20th, 2008

Keep Walking

New York it is!

It's late October now, and per my original plans, I was to be starting my move to Washington, D.C. in November. I have heard nothing from the hiring manager at the new unit I was to transfer to since the market crashed... Therefore, I am abandoning my Washington move at this time and re-focusing upon New York City.

I have extended my move date; however, will probably begin the move in January/February 2009.

The absolute latest date I'll be living in Boston will be the 31st of March 2009; chances are once this move starts, it'll take place rapidly. I will begin boxing non-essential things up in December.

I have located a place to live (at least for the first year) whilst in New York. It's in East Harlem near 106th and 1st Ave. Yeah, it's the wrong side of Manhattan and way north -- but it's in Manhattan, not Brooklyn, New Jersey or Staten Island. Close to the (4) and (5) trains and near the <6> train.

If I take the local train (4) or (5) service, it takes about fifteen minutes to get to Union Square (14th St), including the walk from home to the 103th St Station. That's not bad! Of course, I'll ditch the car and keep the motorcycle. Driving two blocks north up 1st Ave gets me right on the FDR (East Side Highway), so it's not as bad a location as some people think.

Look for the red circle on the map to the right to the right of the top corner of central park and you'll see where I'll be living.

While it's true that the "old New York" (Mineshaft, L.U.R.E., Spike, etc.) simply does not exist anymore, it still has much more to offer than Boston currently does. Subways running 24 hours a day, great nightlife, leather clubs and events, three local airports for travel. As a new ECMC member, it will also allow me to be close to my club brothers. Of course, many of them have retired outside of the city.

All that needs to be worked out is my condo in Quincy and packing up what I'll need in NYC and getting rid of what I won't need. The new place (of course) is much smaller than what I'm used to here... not everything will fit.

It's nice to at least have a plan that isn't dependant upon people that aren't communicating.
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