September 29th, 2008

Keep Walking

Perhaps trying to meet up in a crowd of 500,000 wasn't such a great idea...

Folsom Street was simply amazing. I'm so glad I go there when it was just starting, as there wasn't any room to walk about after noon due to the streets being so jammed with every imaginable sort of person there is!

My apologies for those of you that were trying to meet up with me and didn't. I know there were a lot of you! But, perhaps trying to meet up in a crowd of 500,000 wasn't such a great idea.

After taking a stroll up and down Folsom Street(before the crowds started to become overwhelming), I parked myself in the alley near the centre of the event on Dore and Folsom Street in the alley close to the Powerhouse Bar. I was there from about 1:30PM - 4:30PM. I stayed in the same area, to try to allow people to find me. Some did. Many didn't. I did have my phone on -- but hearing it ring (even at full volume) was impossible from the din of the crowd.

I got to show off my Gomco clamp to quite a few, and when things warmed up, reduced my clothing significantly!

My long-term pen-pal, Calum from Scotland and I finally met face-to-face and once we did, we were off together as they closed up the fair... we went to "Custom Burger" for dinner then off to "Blow Buddies" for some mutual play!

For those of you who've never been to Folsom Street -- you don't know what you're missing!! (Also, I think it's imperative that folks in San Francisco learn what a proper "spit roast" is all about) -- I shall make it my life's calling. ;-)

I'm still in the San Francisco area until the 6th! So if you want to meet up, better hurry and contact me (phoning is best) before all my free time is swallowed up!