August 25th, 2008

Keep Walking

Inbox Zero

Merlin Mann, a well known productivity guru and creator of the popular 43 folders website talks about getting things done, the importance of getting your inbox to zero, and strategies for dealing with high volume email.

I am trying to take the 'Inbox Zero' approach to e-mail, as I've been finding myself struggling again and again with hundreds of incoming e-mails. It's a great concept, but it does not work for everyone...

Other e-mail tools are ClearContext and Xobni, but sadly, this would require an upgrade to Outlook 2003 or 2007, and I'm still using (groan) Outlook 2000.

I've been working like a bastard this weekend (yes, real work!) I didn't get to go camping (as planned) as Bill never called and I couldn't reach him (his phone isn't working, nor is voice mail). Good thing though, as work called me into action.

I depart for Canada Thursday morning, then it's off to England the following Wednesday, then when I return it's off to New York for a weekend, followed by San Francisco.

If you're in any of these areas and want to meet up for a beer, tea or meal, drop me a note now -- as once I arrive in England, my connectivity will be limited.

My Schedule whilst in England

THU 04-SEP-08
20:15-10:00 Chicago -> London Heathrow, American Airlines #046
10:48-11:04 Heathrow Express: Heathrow to Paddington Station
11:37-11:52 Underground/Bakerloo Line: Paddington -> Waterloo
12:20-13:43 National Rail: Waterloo (WAT) to Salisbury (SAL)
14:20-14:30 Mike & Riz will pick me up at Salisbury train station.

FRI 05-SEP-08
Salisbury with Mike & Riz, Stonehenge

SAT 06-SEP-08
15:41-17:47 National Rail: Salisbury (SAL) to Cardiff Central (CDF)
18:00-19:00 Check in to Ty Rosa Note: It's Gay Pride Weekend in Cardiff!!

SUN 07-SEP-08
Chaz in Cardiff

Mon, 08-SEP-08
Chaz in Cardiff

TUE 09-SEP-08
14:45-18:04 National Rail: Cardiff Central (CDF) to Nottingham (NOT)
18:20-20:00 Lord Roberts Pub (24 Broad St, Nottingham, NG1 3AN)

WED 10-SEP-08
In Nottingham with Dave Pike

THU 11-SEP-08
In Nottingham with Dave Pike

FRI 12-SEP-08
08:26-10:19 National Rail: Nottingham (NOT) to London St. Pancras (STP)
11:00-12:00 Check in to Caswell Hotel

SAT 13 SEP-08
Chaz in London

SUN 14 SEP-08
14:00-19:00 Stark Bollock Naked at the Hoist

MON 15 SEP-08
10:00-11:00 Check out of Caswell Hotel
15:40-15:55 Heathrow Express: Paddington Station to Heathrow
18:05-20:20 London Heathrow -> Boston, American Airlines #155

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