August 23rd, 2008

Keep Walking


This smart, sexy, scary short gives new
meaning to the term: "shower scene."
A thriller you won't want to miss.

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Keep Walking

The 210 Day Great Canadian Walking Tour!

I've been playing with the NEW Google Maps. With a little mathematical skills, I have determined that if you were to walk eight hours daily, you could walk from Labrador City to Vancouver, BC with stops in Sudbury, Thunder Bay, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Edmonton and Calgary in just 210 days!

See the walking map I created yourself here!

Note: There's a long (37 day) detour when you walk from Sudbury to Thunder Bay due to the fact there appears not to be any non-highway walking routes between the two cities. If you were to walk beside the highway, you'll only need to travel ~1,005km -- whereas the route via Michigan and Wisconsin is 2,519km saving 37 travel days, a ferry ride and crossing into the United States.

Pop quiz! At +51° 23' 47.27", -68° 41' 51.04" you'll see a circle of land surrounded by water. It is known (to some) as "the eye of Quebec". Reply to this entry if you think you know what caused this.

Of course, all this talk about Canada is in honour of my upcoming trip to the Spearhead Run over Labour Day weekend. I will be here from Friday thru Monday.