July 9th, 2008

Evil Grin

Now the AFA is targeting Dannon

In another e-mail I got from Don Wildmon (the AFA guy), he writes:

Dear Charles,

Dannon, the makers of yogurt and other food products continues to sponsor each weekly episode of CBS' Swingtown.

Swingtown is without question the most deplorable program ever to air on public airwaves. Watch a segment to see for yourself. (Warning: The content is extremely offensive and is provided only as proof. I hope you will trust me and NOT watch it.)

Just exactly what is Dannon supporting?

Kids doing drugs and looking at po*n magazines.

A high school teacher having a relationship with a student.

Adults doing drugs and having group se*.

Women going on a tirade about obscenity enforcement (They have a fundraising party for a po*n star).
And this is just in one episode!

For the first five episodes, Dannon has been the only repeat advertiser and refuses to stop supporting the show.


Dannon says they are a responsible advertiser, yet they continue to sponsor Swingtown.

Send a strong message to Dannon that their continued support for Swingtown is not being responsible!

Send Your Letter Now!

Donald E. Wildmon, Chairman

P.S. Please forward this to your family and friends!

Of course, I went to their website and sent a letter immediatly to Dannon! (I of course replaced all of their text with my own!)

Dear President Dalto,

I am very happy to learn that Dannon is a top sponsor of CBS' Swingtown.

I love this show!! In addition, I love your Yoghurt! I am a huge fan of your fruit on the bottom variety and start every day off with one of the many flavours you have.

My local store (Star Market) stopped carrying Dannon Yoghurt, so I SWITCHED STORES to Stop & Shop! That's how much I love it!

I feel the same way about Swingtown. I'm glad to see that you (as a primary sponsor) nor CBS have caved in to the "Moral Minority" that's trying to make late night television suitable for only the Ward and June Cleaver sort while ignoring the fact that, although very vocal, they only speak for a very small group.

I don't watch much television any longer -- just about everything is online or on Netflix, but Swingtown is one of a very few shows that I do watch.

Thanks for not caving in to Don Wildmon, the AFA and all of his other self-righteous groups!

I support you 110%!! Please continue your sponsorship support of CBS' Swingtown.

Of course, I will pass this message on to my friends and family as well, to let them know that you are "under attack" by the AFA, as Heinz was.

Thank you!

Won't you please join me in sending a letter to Dannon in support of the freedom of speech that we enjoy so much?

Afterall, what's the point of having a "V-Chip" in a television if Don Wildmon dosen't know how to block programmes that are inappropriate for him to watch?

Leave the rest of us alone! We know what we're watching!