July 8th, 2008

Keep Walking

TrueCrypt 6.0 Released

While most of the US was celebrating Independence Day, the true fellow geeks over at TrueCrypt released TrueCrypt 6.0 over the long weekend. The new version touts two major upgrades. 'First, TrueCrypt now performs parallel encryption and decryption operations on multi-core systems, giving you a phenomenal speedup if you have more than one processor available. Second, it now has the ability to hide an entire operating system, so even if you're forced to reveal your pre-boot password to an adversary, you can give them one that boots into a plausible decoy operating system, with your hidden operating system remaining completely undetectable.' The software has been released under the 'TrueCrypt License,' which is not OSI approved.

Read more about ot, or download it here: http://ostatic.com/72823-software-opensource/truecrypt


Be sure to use the tutorial and DON'T create a file on a compressed drive!

One Massively Important rule to NEVER forget. Do NOT forget your password, there is NOT a backdoor you can use to get back in. If you lose your password, you are TOAST!! You wouldn't believe how many people believe that security programs like this have magic backdoors. I blame Hollywood and TV for this.


TrueCrypt is Open Source.

You can use this to encrypt and lock a single file or entire folders.

There is a version of Truecrypt for Linux. A Truecyrpt encrypted volume on a USB stick, for example, can be mounted under either operating system, enabling files to be securely shuttled between the two. Making it very versatile and secure for data to travel with.