June 10th, 2008

Keep Walking

Dr. Who & Barack Obama

For our democratic Dr. Who fans out there...

It's not uncommon for British political cartoonists to cast politicians as Daleks or Cybermen, but it's far more rare for Doctor Who to be referenced in American media.

However, this week liberal American cartoonist Tom Tomorrow included the Tenth Doctor and the TARDIS in his weekly cartoon This Modern World, by way of making a comment about Barack Obama winning the Democratic Party's presidential nomination.

The panel can be seen at right, and the full cartoon can be read at This Modern World's website.

If you haven't been keeping track, Season 4 of the "new" Dr. Who is almost complete. If you haven't seen recent episodes, check out my 2008 Dr. Who downloads page.

Episode nine of series four, Forest of the Dead, scored an Appreciation Index of 89. Equal to last week, the figure is the joint highest score for the programme for all time. It was the most appreciated programme on BBC1 and ITV on Saturday.

Sunday's Coronation Street got just 16,000 more viewers than Saturday's Doctor Who, just enough to push Forest Of the Dead into 11th place for the week. This position is likely to rise when corrected figures, including numbers for those recording the programme, are released by BARB in 9 days time. A top ten place is a reasonable possibility.