May 12th, 2008

Keep Walking

Travelling... travelling...

As anyone that's been reading my blog knows, my travel agenda has grown exponentially since I moving to Boston in 2003 -- so much recently that I simply don't have the time to keep writing about my travels like I used to.

On one hand, that's very good for me, as if I'm too busy to write, I'm having fun (if I am writing, it's done in my "down" time.) On the other hand, it's bad for my online mates, as real life continues to pull me away from the keyboard and into the real world. It's the same with photo-taking. When I'm really involved with an event and having fun, I tend to forget to snap photos -- whereas, when I'm more set back from things, I'm snapping shots like mad.

Due to this, you haven't heard much from me as you used to. Obviously the same is happening to my online mates, as I don't get very many comments to my entries any longer.

Sigh... when real life interferes with our online lives it really sucks, don't it?

So anyway, I'm back from Manchester and Nottingham (England) with plans to return in early September (around the 5th thru the 14th or 21st) -- additional additions to "Where's Chaz" include: Berlin, Scotland, and Amsterdam prior to the Great British Bear Bash #12 (10 April 2009 thru 05 May 2009)

As always, the Great British Bear Bash was fantastic! This year there was a huge spike in American visitors to the Bear Bash (hopefully from all the nagging I've been doing!) I don't know what the total attendance ended up being, but once again it was standing room only at the Birdcage for the Sunday show -- and not everyone went to that event, as some purchased events "à la carte" or were busy whoring around!

The weather couldn't be better between 20-23'C almost all weekend. The toga party on Friday was spectacular! I was shocked to see how many people participated! I heard that "The Bear Olympics" and pie-eating contest on Saturday were good, but my crew chose to take the sauna package instead, and as usual, it was a sell-out!! The Sunday foam party is clearly mis-named. It should be the "group orgy in foam party" -- those dirty, filthy Brits! Perhaps the soap bubbles will clean them up a bit? ;-)

See some photos from the Great British Bear Bash #11 here. (The adult-oriented photos have been removed).

Following the Bear Bash, Dave Pike and I drive through the midlands, over to Holmfirth where we stopped for a while to do some shopping and take tea. Holmfirth is the backdrop to the BBC television series Last of the Summer Wine (also seen in the US on PBS). See some lovely photos of Holmfirth here.

Afterward, we drove back towards Nottingham, stopping in at "bike night" (see photos of bikes and bikers here), after resting up a bit Tuesday night, we went into central Nottingham Wednesday to meet up with mates for drinks and, not to make the Boston Bears' trivia team jealous, enter the pub quiz at Lord Roberts (a gay bar) in Nottingham. Our team of six came in 1st place and won £20 cash (roughly $40 USD).

Where's Chaz?  Find out here!Friday came too soon. Dave returned to work and I took the train up to Manchester to go exploring on my own. I returned to the states yesterday.

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