February 22nd, 2008

Keep Walking

Mmmmmm... Seafood!

I know I haven't posted a message since my Ottawa trip -- my ploy to encourage people to call and write by not posting blog entries isn't working. One can only hope that the silence from everyone that hasn't been in contact with me is simply too busy having as much fun and excitement as I have been!

Winterlewd in Ottawa was great! It had been over five years since I skated on the Rideu Canal, and just about the same length of time since going to an Ottawa Knights' Barnight See photos here.

IBR (International Bear Rendezvous) in San Francisco was great! I'm not going to go into detail here, but you can see some photos here.

But, right now I'm in Philadelphia, PA for the Pocono Warrior's 30th Anniversary Weekend. Tonight is their barnight at the Bike Stop, tomorrow is the anniversary dinner at Venture Inn.

Sadly, due to bad weather, my weekend hotel roommate had his flight delayed 3 hours, then 6 hours and as of 18:00 was cancelled -- he might be here tomorrow...

Why am I posting right now while on holiday? Well, allow me to explain. After arriving in Philadelphia and checking into the host hotel, I wandered down to "Snockey's Oyster House" for dinner based on a small blurb in the in-flight magazine. It was complete chance I saw it, as I normally do not read them. I read that Monday thru Friday they had a "Crabby Hour" (as opposed to a "Happy Hour") from 4pm - 6pm where raw or steamed clams are 50¢ each and raw or steamed oysters are 75¢ each! The place isn't fancy, but it's clean, and the food was simply amazing!

I started off with two dozen steamers (little necks), then saw the Alaskan Snow Crab dinner for $11.80! The dinner included one pound of crab legs, two sides and bread/butter. One of the olde fashioned local side dishes was "Pepper Hash", which I am very glad I asked about and tried! It's like cole slaw (not the creamy sort) with a sharp kick of red pepper! Yum!!!

To top things off, they have drought birch beer (from kegs!) The "real McCoy!"

I just had to share this place with my friends on Live Journal... If you're in Philly, and you like seafood, check this place out!! Their website is here: http://snockeys.com/

Oh, yeah -- for my SciFi geek friends: Almost the first half of season two of Torchwood is now online Chazhome at http://chazhome.com/torchwood/season02.html -- enjoy!