January 8th, 2008

Keep Walking

Chaz on the move in 2008!

Below is a list of some of my major travel events in 2008.  Please contact me with any enquiries you might have directly at ChazAntonelli@yahoo.com or by telephone.  This listing was last updated 08 January 2008 and is subject to change!!  You can always know my exact and up-to-the-minute plans at the official "Where's Chaz" calendar is online at http://where.chazhome.com/ for your viewing pleasure (you must have a free Google account to view it!)
MONTH      DAYS  WHERE?               EVENT
---------- ----- -------------------  --------------------------------------
JANUARY    15-20 Orlando, FL          Parliament House
JANUARY    25-29 Boston, MA           Al Rizzo visiting Boston
FEBRUARY   08-10 Ottawa, ON, Canada   Winterlude/Winderlewd
FEBRUARY   14-18 San Francisco, CA    International Bear Rendezvous
FEBRUARY   22-25 Philadelphia, PA     Pocono Warriors 30th Anniversary
MARCH      20-23 New York, NY         Visiting Dr. Cornell in New York City
MARCH      24-27 New York, NY         Chaz in New York City
MARCH      28-30 Ronkonkoma, NY       Long Island Raven's 16th Anniversary Run
APRIL      03-06 Albuquerque, NM      The Sandia Bears - American Bear Awakening
APRIL      11-20 Great Britain        Chaz in Great Britain
APRIL      25-27 Hemlock, NY          Frick's Private 50th Birthday Party at The Ranch
MAY        01-05 Manchester, UK       Great British Bear Bash #11
MAY        05-11 Great Britain        Chaz in London/Nottingham/Scotland, Great Britain
MAY        16-18 Fire Island, NY      Excelsior, M.C. 33rd Anniversary
MAY        22-26 Chicago, IL          International Mister Leather
JULY       04-06 Angelica, NY         Rochester Rams' Run (note: new date!)
JULY       12-19 Provincetown, MA     Bear Week
AUGUST     01-03 Columbus, OH         Columbus Bears' 14th annual Bear Camp
AUGUST     29-31 West Guilford, ON    Spearhead LDSC Round-Up
SEPTEMBER  28-28 San Francisco, CA    Folsom Street Fair
SEPTEMBER  29-02 San Francisco, CA    Chaz in San Francisco
OCTOBER    03-05 San Francisco, CA    Golden Gate Guards Run
OCTOBER    10-12 Reading, PA          Reading Railmen Run "Leather Monopoly"
DECEMBER   12-14 New York, NY         Empire City M.C. "Toys for Tots"
Note: items in the teal colour are tentative