October 25th, 2007

Keep Walking

... don't even THINK of wearing it in Logan International Airport!

Wi-Fi Detector Shirt

Wearable Wi-Fi Signal Status for You and the World

Here at ThinkGeek we're pretty lazy when it comes to technology. We expect our gadgets to do all the busywork while we focus on the high level important tasks like reading blogs. That's why we hate to have to crack open our laptops just to see if there is any wi-fi internet access about... But now, thanks to the ingenious ThinkGeek robot monkeys, you can display the current wi-fi signal strength to yourself and everyone around you with this stylish Wi-Fi Detector Shirt. The glowing bars on the front of the shirt dynamically change as the surrounding wi-fi signal strength fluctuates. Finally you can get the attention you deserve as others bow to you as their reverential wi-fi god, while geeky admirers swoon at your presence. You can thank us later. And hey, this shirt will be featured in the exclusive Holiday 2008 Wired Showroom in downtown Soho, New York. Woohoo! We are pretty proud.

Check-out the one-of-a-kind ThinkGeek Wi-Fi Detecting Shirt right here: