June 18th, 2007

Keep Walking

Rochester Rams Run - Cancelled

Dear Friends and Brothers:

It is with great regret that we must cancel our run that was scheduled for 24-26 August 2007. This decision was heartbreaking for us and we are certain that you share our disappointment.

Four weeks ago, we received a letter from the Presbytery of Geneva, the campsite owners, canceling our contract without cause. The Presbytery has hired a new director who has found our “activities” to be unacceptable and she has used the “cancellation without cause” option in the contract. Based on the contract language, our attorney has advised that we have no legal recourse.

We have attempted to negotiate to allow the run to continue for one final year at the camp. We have cited our many years using the facility, our care of the facility during and after our events and our many contributions to the site. In addition, we have stressed how cancellation this late has burdened the Rams with financial commitments and grossly inconvenienced you, our guests, who have made arrangements to attend. Unfortunately, the director remains adamant in her opposition to our event and refuses to reinstate the contract.

We have done a search of comparable sites within driving distance and found them fully booked and unavailable. With only nine weeks remaining before the event, we do not feel that we could adapt in time to either an in-town or full camping run and still offer you, our guests, the quality run experience we have delivered in the past. Therefore, we have decided the best option for all is to cancel this year’s run and begin our search for an acceptable site for next year’s run. We will immediately refund any run fees sent to us.

It is our sincere hope that you will plan to join us for our run in 2008.

In brotherhood,


Chip M., President