June 11th, 2007

Keep Walking

New Who!

Blink, the latest episode of Dr. Who, is now available at Chazhome's 2007 Dr. Who Webpage

In an old, abandoned house, the Weeping Angels wait. Only the Doctor can stop them, but he is trapped in time. However, when people start disappearing, a young woman called Sally finds cryptic messages bleeding through from 1969 — messages from a mysterious stranger called the Doctor. But can she decipher them before the Angels claim their best prize yet?

Keep Walking

Torchwood Lampooned!

Watch out John Barrowman, Jon Culshaw has you (and Torchwood) in his sights... In a March 2007 episode of Dead Ringers, they do a funny spoof of Torchwood! For those of you who don't know, "Dead Ringers" is a BBC television comedy impressions show devised and produced by Bill Dare and developed with Jon Holmes, Andy Hurst and Simon Blackwell. It stars Jon Culshaw, Jan Ravens, Phil Cornwell, Kevin Connelly and Mark Perry.

To see the spoof, click here!

If you prefer to see a streaming clip of it, click here instead!