May 13th, 2007

Keep Walking

Dublin, Ireland

Check out photos from my trip to the Lake District and Dublin here:

I never wrote a blog entry about my trip to Dublin, so I'm backdating this entry into my blog for historical purposes:

If you go to Dublim, be sure to enjoy the sites! Get a Grey Line hop on/hop off tour. Do be sure to enjoy Jamerson distillery and Guinness brewery.

Please note: ALL gay bars are alike. Preppy-clothing, clean shaven boys/men, hi-n-r-g dance music and a crowd of about 25-40% straight females.

I was actually stopped by a bouncer at one gay bar (the Red Dragon) and asked if "I knew I was entering a gay bar" (while wearing full leather, looking like one of the Village People!) In other words: The leather and bear scene in Dublin is non-existent. *sigh*

On a better note, their five-storey bath house, the Boiler House was quite busy and very fun! When the guys caught a glimpse of me coming in with chaps, vest, harness, cap and colours on their tongues unfurled from their mouths! Also, as I was one of the only two people in the tubs that was circumcised, I was quite the curiosity for the men there! I loved feeling appreciated, especially after the problems at all the clubs/bars.

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