April 19th, 2007

Keep Walking

Looking for a new computer?

Feel free to use my Employee Discount to get official new and used IBM laptops and desktop computers and accessories at http://www.ibm.com/shop/us/epp -- in order to browse the site, you must have my serial number and last name... Please e-mail me to obtain them.

This weeks' Employee Specials:

  • 256MB memory upgrade (NO CHARGE) when you purchase T40 ThinkPad models T2373-7CU and T2373-AU1. Enter code RALEIGHRDSHOW411 in the promotion code box on the checkout page. This offer is valid through April 20, 2007 or while supplies last.

  • NetVista M42 desktop model A830542U for $237.15 and L150 flat panel monitor (15") model M6636AB1 for $101.15. Total system price just $338.30!

  • Today's song is Lords of Acid - Special Moments.

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    Be your own "Time Lord"

    Some of you might already know about the Binary Clock I own (photoed left) from ThinkGeek.

    "It's easy for any self-respecting geek to figure out how to read this clock in a few minutes. Check out the image on the left. Still don't get it? Then you probably shouldn't buy one, should you? Sure you could wing it and 'approximate' the time based on the position of the sun and act like you can read this clock, but in reality, you should probably buy one of these instead.

    Computers use 1s and 0s (on/off switches) to tell the time, now you can too! Get one of these puppies and you are on your way to truly becoming one with the binary...

    Each LED binary clock has these features/specs:

    * Default mode displays time in 'Powers of Two' binary system
    * Dim button on rear allows user to step down LED light output
    * Startup option allows user to display time in 'True' binary mode (using the binary coding of 32/16/8/4/2/1)
    * Autosensing of AC line frequency for worldwide ease of use."

    (Bonus points: Can you tell what times are displayed on the clocks in the photo above? Reply to this posting and I'll let you know if you're right or not!)

    There's even now a WRIST WATCH version of the Binary clock!

    The "ThinkGeek" store is full of COOL things... Gift certificates are available and my birthday is coming up! (hint, hint!) ThinkGeek gift certificates will please the most demanding geek in your life. They're available in several amounts from $10 all the way up to $150. They're delivered via e-mail and can be used immediately. If not for me, perhaps for some other geek in your life who fixes your unfixable computer at 1:00am -- or provides 24x7 tech support to you... you all know WHO you are!!! ;-)

    If the binary clock isn't geeky enough for you, there's now the...

    Chronotronix V400 Nixie Clock

    Now you can get a blend of classic technology and craftsmanship with the Chronotronix V400 Nixie Clock, using old-fashioned vacuum tubes from the '50s called Nixies, an acronym for a Numerical Indicator eXperimental tube.

    Looking like components inside a high-end stereo amplifier, those nixie tubes are poking out for all to see, sitting atop a cherrywood base with a black anodized deck. It's a minimalist statement that still gives you accurate timekeeping to within 3 seconds per week. If you want those tubes to last longer, you can power them down and the clock will still keep accurate time.

    This limited-edition Chronotronix V400 Nixie Clock is available now for $385. Follow the link to see some close-ups of those glowing tubes casting their spell.

    ... I wonder if these power-consuming tubes have an "EnergyStar" sticker of compliance on them?

    The original Ryan Brooks’ 6502 Nixie Clock came in a KIT and looked like this:

    Watch the LIVE wires when wacking the "snooze" bar in the morning!

    This entry features Dandy Warhols - I'm a Scientist as it's song!

    Electronics not your bag? Check out Shower Shock Caffeinated Soap!

    Mornings Have Never Been So Invigorating!

    Tired of waking up and having to wait for your morning java to brew? Are you one of those groggy early morning types that just needs that extra kick? Know any programmers who dont regularly bathe and need some special motivation? Introducing Shower Shock, the original and world's first caffeinated soap from ThinkGeek. When you think about it, ShowerShock is the ultimate clean buzz ;)

    It Works!

    Keep Walking

    Sprint Nextel ripe for a takeover?

    Report on Sprint Nextel says carrier needs to boost management team.

    By Denise Pappalardo, NetworkWorld.com, 04/18/07

    It’s no secret that Sprint Nextel has been struggling since its $36 billion merger well over a year ago. One analyst firm speculates that the carrier's floundering might even make it a takeover target.

    Probe Financial Associates, a research firm that specializes in the carrier market, issued a report Wednesday titled Sprint: Takeover Possibilities and Valuation.

    The report examines Sprint’s wireline, traditional wireless and WiMAX businesses, the carrier’s operational performance problems and future possibilities, says Victor Schnee, partner at Probe.

    For several months there has been conjecture that Comcast, among others, might be looking to buy Sprint, Schnee says. “Those reports were premature.”

    But Schnee says that there are a few factors that could make the takeover talk a reality.

    The carrier needs to improve its operational performance, Schnee says. Specifically the company needs to work on high customer churn rates, growing its subscriber base and building its average revenue per user (ARPU), he says.

    Another problem that has to be addressed is Sprint’s management team. “Forsee needs to fill the position right below his with a recognized industry leader,” Schnee says. “If Forsee doesn’t bring in someone that inspires confidence and performance doesn’t pick up, Forsee could also be vulnerable.”

    While it’s possible another service provider or a private equity firm could take over Sprint, Schnee points out that success may also be in the carrier’s future. “There are not overwhelming odds that there will be a takeover. Sprint is a substantial company that has tremendous resources. If Sprint gets the marketing talent and leadership it needs it can straighten out its problems.”

    The big question is for investors... How can we leverage a takeover to benefit us?

    Listen to Electric Light Orchestra - Telephone Line

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    Articles of Impeachment To Be Filed On Cheney

    Looks like he's reached his boiling point.

    Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio), the most liberal of the Democratic presidential candidates in the primary field, declared in a letter sent to his Democratic House colleagues this morning that he plans to file articles of impeachment against Vice President Dick Cheney.

    Kucinich has made ending the war in Iraq the central theme of his campaign. He has even taken aim at the leading Democratic presidential candidates in the field for their votes on authorizing the war.

    Article II, Section 4 of the Constitution gives Congress the authority to impeach the president, vice president and "all civil Officers of the United States" for "treason, bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors."

    Sources tell the Sleuth that in light of the mass killings at Virginia Tech Monday, Kucinich's impeachment plans have been put on hold. There will be no action this week, they say.

    Kucinich's office had no comment on the Congressman's "Dear Colleague" letter -- which apparently was drafted over the weekend, before the school massacre -- or on what the focus of articles of impeachment against Cheney would be.

    But Kucinich shouldn't hold his breath on getting anywhere with his impeachment plan. "We'll see a Kucinich Administration before we'll see a Cheney impeachment," quipped one Democratic aide.

    Here is the text of his letter, a copy of which was forwarded to the Sleuth:

    April 17, 2007

    Dear Colleague:

    This week I intend to introduce Articles of Impeachment with respect to the conduct of Vice President Cheney. Please have your staff contact my office . . . if you would like to receive a confidential copy of the document prior to its introduction in the House.



    Dennis J. Kucinich

    Member of Congress

    Ganked from The Sleuth by Mary Ann Akers

    Song for this entry? Easy one -- Denis Leary - The Asshole Song