April 18th, 2007

Keep Walking

New Who!

The latest and greatest Dr. Who episode, just broadcast 14 April 2007 is now online Chazhome at Chaz' Dr. Who - 2007 - Episode Guide & Downloads

Synopsis: The Doctor returns to a now much grittier New Earth with Martha, eventually to meet the Face of Boe one final time. Some sources state that the secret will be 'You are Not Alone;, referring to the continuity the Doctor has with the Time Lords. While there they encounter a spaceship pilot named Thomas Kincade Brannigan — a cat being of a similar appearance to the Sisters of Plenitude — and his wife, Valerie and find the streets being ruled by sinister Pharmacists.

In other news, my DirecTV installation has been postponed, pending a vote by the condominium owner's association -- it seems that the rules are unclear as to installing satellite dishes here, so I'll present my motion to allow them with reasonable restrictions to ensure property value does not decrease.

...as if it COULD decrease, considering that the exterior paint is flaking off, exposing the bare wood in spots, and that the roof is in VERY sad shape, I see much larger issues concerning the group at this time... See what I'm talking about in Photo #1, Photo #2 and Photo #3 The dish wouldn't even be seen from the street!

I'm counting the days 'till the Great British Bear Bash (GBBB) in Manchester, England! Therefore, today's song is Collective Soul - Counting The Days, which I know I've used before -- but it's so good!!

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Keep Walking

Every episode of "Space: 1999" is now available on Chazhome!

What is Space: 1999? -- Simply put, "Space: 1999" is a British-made first-run syndicated TV series of the mid-1970s. the show deals with a colony of moonbase inhabitants and their adventures after the moon has been blasted out of Earth orbit.

It was the first attempt since the demise of Star Trek in 1969 at producing a large-scale weekly science fiction series, and the show drew a great deal of visual inspiration (and technical expertise) from the Stanley Kubrick classic 2001: A Space Odyssey. The show's special effects director Brian Johnson had in fact previously worked on both Thunderbirds (as Brian Johncock) and 2001.

Interested? Download one or two episodes and check it out! Please, as always, be kind... Only download one file at a time from my server! Thank you!

The song for this entry? Well, The Theme to Space: 1999 (Season 1) of course!