March 26th, 2007

Keep Walking

Long Island Ravens' Run (15th Anniversary)

Dave, Peter and I have returned via carpool from the Long Island Ravens' Run!

The Ravens seem to have their weekend down to a science now! Everything went smoothly from registration to closing ceremonies! No snags anywhere, no party crashers, and loads of fun for everyone! If I were to gripe about anything, it would only be that there were too many cocktail parties! Many clubs wanted to host a cocktail party to congratulate the Ravens on 15 years of service; and I think the Ravens didn't want to say "no" to anyone, creating a lot of one-hour cocktail parties! Although there's nothing wrong with this, some people should consider that they need not have three or four drinks at every cocktail party! ;-)

The Boston Bears' Cocktail Party ran from 21:15 to 22:15 on Friday night. We served a "Harvey Wallbanger" cocktail with maraschino cherries and alternating lemon or lime wedges. The Galliano cost much more than I remember it did -- but then again, how often do people buy bottles of Galliano? (All the liquor was purchased in New Hampshire, whereas unlike Massachusetts, Connecticut or New York, there are low taxes on liquor.)

Following our cocktail party, I did a "Saline Ball Inflation" demo on "Officer Steve", a Boston Bear who now lives in the New York City area. (Photos were taken)

Following this, I performed a "Urethral Sounding" demonstration on a member of "D.C. Boys of Leather" whom had never experienced it before -- after the nervousness subsided, he really, really enjoyed it! He managed to take the first three sizes of sounds in my kit before cumming. (When sounding, I do not have a free hand to take photos, sorry.) I preformed an additional saline ball inflation Saturday night on a member of "The Cosmic order of KA" (sorry, KA does not seem to have a website), of course, I took photos of his progress as well! Both of my saline inflation subjects did very, very well!

Special thanks go to Peter Panda of the Boston Bears and Entre Nous, who ran the music on Saturday night 'till 4am! Great job!

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One special event coming this upcoming May Bank Holiday Weekend is the 10th Annual British Bear Bash in Manchester, England. This annual event is sponsored by Manbears (a site for Bears, Cubs, Chubs and their admirers. Primarily to promote Bear type events in Manchester) Check it out!