March 6th, 2007

Keep Walking

Final preperations for London underway!

It's always a good feeling when I start building a little "pile" of things to go to the U.K.! So far I've got my passport, European mobile phone, British A/C adapter plug and a small stack of British pounds (cash.)

Sadly, three of my travelling companions have backed out at the last minute due to financial concerns, but on a good note, my mate Dave Pike will be coming to London after all!

I'll be making a stop in Halifax on the way to London, I'm seriously overdue for a stop in Canada -- just don't let Revenue Canada know I'm still alive!! (Just kidding!) My passport expires next year, and it's a good thing too, as I'm running out of places people can stamp entry/exit visas!

I got very good seats for Saturday's performance of the musical: Wicked! (The Untold Story of the Witches of Oz.), which is sold out in New York until July 2007! I hear the London performance is fantastic!

Of course, I'll be up to my regular antics at my regular haunts: The Hoist, The King's Arms, Central Station, Club XXL, Duke of Wellington, and of course, Compton's! If you want a good pint of bitter, you have to go to England!

I'm excited about hosting Sunday night's, first ever Cut Men's Gathering at The Underground at Central Station, 21:00 GMT, £5 cover charge. The gay bars in the United States and Canada could really learn a few things from the British! Once upon a time the bars in New York, Toronto and Montreal were like the bars in London: You can be as naked as you want, as long as your boots are on! We don't want you hurting your feet on a broken beer bottle! Back rooms? Who needs 'em? Do it right at the bar so we can all watch! Gay bars are for MEN only, and there is always a proper dress code at the leather bars! ... and it's all allowed! The only place in the union that I know is even more kinkier and open about sex in public is Paris!

You gotta love England -- in London, a court has awarded damages to a guy who became obsessed with mobile phones after trauma to his brain from a motorcycle accident. Apparently, after the crash, the guy became obsessed with playing mobile phone games every day, making him unemployable. There was also the other side effect, which was that he became obsessed with having sex daily. Hmm. You can have a court award damages for being obsessed with playing mobile phone video games and wanting to have sex daily? It would seem that a large percentage of the male population might be able to put forth claims for a similar award... "Brain trauma? Oh... uh... yeah... sure... brain trauma caused these obsessions... story from TechDirt

Speaking of news -- at the MGM Bill front-line, we're investigating a developing story that shows that Langerin, produced by Langerhans cells found in the male foreskin, provides a natural barrier to HIV! This might answer the burning question: If circumcision is being reported in newspapers as being "as good" as an HIV vaccine, why then is HIV so rampid in the United States, when it's one of the most circumcised countries on the globe; whereas in the United Kingdom, where circumcision is far less prevalent, the HIV infection rate isn't nearly as bad.

Just as doctors once thought tonsils and the appendix were "useless body parts" or "evolutionary leftovers from our ancestors", later discovered that they has a role in the human immune system and stopped performing tonsillectomies and appendectomies unless absolutely necessary, I foresee a day when forced infant circumcision is considered just as barbaric. Perhaps even in my lifetime! Keep pushing! We can do it!

Please: If you can't be at the 14th Annual Demonstration & March Against Infant Circumcision on the United States Capitol in Washington, D.C. from Friday, 30 March 2007 thru 2 April 2007, please call and write to your elected representatives! Also, be sure to check the circumcision polls webpage from time to time -- new ones have been added recently!!

Today's song is Electric Light Orchestra - The Diary Of Horace Wimp