February 11th, 2007

Keep Walking

New York, Here I Come! (...again)

I will be in New York City this coming weekend, the 16th, 17th and 18th. I don't see anything special going on? Leather Invasion does not list any events for this weekend. Does anyone know if "Secret" on W 29th now a leather bar? (If it is, they really need to change their name!) Anyhow... on Friday night, I'll be at The Dugout for the Metrobears' Barnight -- and afterwards probably head to The Eagle.

For the "diva" in me, on Saturday I will be going to see the off-broadway show Jewtopia! at 14:00 and the broadway show Mamma Mia! at 20:00 on Saturday before I hit the clubs/bars!

Does anyone have any suggestions on where to go, or any parties going on?

I will be at Bear Cafe's Mates Coffee House on Sunday (Mates Coffee House) at 15:00. I might be a volunteer at the event!

So, in a nutshell -- If anyone wants to "hang" with me, please drop me an e-mail!

More Donnie Davies crap.... this time an MTV News story featuring a hot tub interview with Joey Oglesby and the folks behind the Donnie Davies campaign while being served "fruity cocktail drinks" by guys in leather jockstraps and harnesses. Enjoy! (Kudos to the "Joe. My. God." blog for pointing this video out!)