February 4th, 2007

Keep Walking


"Love God's Way" website takedown #1!

We're all working hard on a multiple front war against "Donnie Davies'" hateful websites and videos -- from searching video hosting sites for his offensive music video "God Hates Fags" and sending takedown notices, to contacting his internet service provider and domain name service provider to prevent people from being able to reach his hateful site using DNS (via domain name resolution.)

Other folks have been launching DoS (Denial of service attacks) to plug up his hateful website at IP address

We all pretty much agree, this is a publicity stunt by Joel Oglesby, but joke or not, everyone is in agreement: this is hate speech at it's worst and must be eliminated from public view.

Joel... er, Donnie has made a plea in his blog at his website for other people to host his video on their servers, since public venues such as YouTube, Revver, Google Video, MySpace, Glumbert and others have all taken his video down upon request by thousands of offended people. Joel goes on to gripe that his former MySpace accounts (his own personal site, as well as his "band" evening service's site) has been hijacked by homosexuals or the owners of MySpace. Of course, the folks that 'hijacked' the account names have not been very friendly to Donnie's causes!

Keep up the pressure folks! Joke or serious does not matter here -- hate is hate!