January 15th, 2007

Keep Walking

My surgery is complete, and new tricks with your phone, part II

I'm a little bit sore from the surgery, but all appears to have gone well! There's a little bit of brusing and a little bit of throbbing, but that's to be expected. I think it will close up successfully this time! (If not, I don't think we'll try again...)

Keep that very long distance relationship alive and well with UNLIMITED FREE calls! I was very impressed to find futurephone.com which allows you to call ANTARCTICA, ARGENTINA, AUSTRALIA, AUSTRIA, BANGLADESH, BELGIUM, BRAZIL, CANADA, CHILE, CYPRUS, THE CZECH REPUBLIC, DENMARK, ESTONIA, FRANCE, GERMANY, GREECE, GUAM, HUNGARY, ICELAND, IRAN, IRELAND, ISRAEL, ITALY LUXEMBOURG, MALAYSIA, THE NETHERLANDS, NEW ZEALAND, NORWAY, PANAMA, PERU, POLAND, PORTUGAL, PUERTO RICO, RUSSIA, RWANDA, SERBIA, SEYCHELLES, SIERRA LEONE, SINGAPORE, SLOVENIA, SOUTH KOREA, SPAIN, ST. KITTS & NEVIS, SWEDEN, SWITZERLAND, THAILAND, TURKEY, THE UNITED KINGDOM, VATICAN CITY AND VENEZUELA for free (no registration or anything required!) Just call the U.S. - based gateway number 712-945-1111. When the gateway answers, enter 011 then the country code and number you want to reach. For Canada dial 1 plus the area code and number. Wait a few moments for your call to ring through and then enjoy your free call!

You can now prank call internationially! ;-)

Let's keep the S.T.P. stuff going, today's song is Stone Temple Pilots - Meatplow