January 14th, 2007

Keep Walking

Hanging out in Atlanta

I arrived in Atlanta yesterday afternoon to spend the weekend down here before my meatotomy reversal procedure on Monday.

Saturday I met up with Dr. Cornell and Bryan, his new boyfriend (very nice guy, BTW) and had a late dinner at a nice Thai restaurant -- following that, I geared up into my leather and went to The Atlanta Eagle to hang with the locals... I always have a good time at the Eagle. I was surprised that many folks remembered me from previous trips down here -- and I also met a few new nice guys! Like I said, always a good time!

Today, David and I had an Italian brunch, and right now, as I write this, I'm at "Woofs", a gay sportsbar which is frequented by the bear crowd -- Woofs -- get it? They have WiFi here, and a nice local crowd. I'm actually somewhat surprised to see so many gay men in sports-type get-ups and really, really getting into the games! The New England Patriots are just getting ready to play the San Diego Chargers right now and the crowd is shuffling in... Some of the folks that were here for the Seahawks/Bears game just left a while ago.

Tomorrow is my procedure, which I hope will be the last for a while! These January trips to Atlanta for penis surgery are getting tiresome -- although I love coming here, it'd be nice to go home without a bandage on! ;-)

I just upgraded the software on Chazhome -- I don't think it's working 100%, it crashed once today so I rebooted it via remote control. If it does not stay stable, I will roll-back the changes -- on the good side, transfers/page displays seem to be going faster. I also put up second anniversary photos of my circumcision at http://chazhome.com/circumcision/ which has been driving a lot of traffic to the site -- so more speed is a good thing! (And a special note to Loxie: Notice I DID NOT put up a NSFW photo on this entry? You're welcome!) ;-)

Today's song is "Stone Temple Pilots - Atlanta" for obvious reasons!