November 2nd, 2006

Keep Walking

YouTube of the day: Slasher School

This is just too funny...


In other bad news, I got word that my other half, Dave, (a really BAD photo of him is on the left, which will encourage him to give be the punishment that I so much need and deserve!) was injured on the job today when a 110kg (300lbs) boiler fell on his legs. Although X-rays showed no broken bones and he's ambulatory, he's in a lot of pain. :-(

Yeah, I know I should be up there nursing him back to health, but he said I was absolutely not to come up there tonight and leave him to rest. I was thinking of disobeying him and going up anyway, but I think it would upset him... He gets pretty banged up on this job -- mostly bumps on the head; but more recently, a dog bite and now this.

On the work front, things are going slower than I expected getting me "up to speed" with my new position; but that's okay, because there's still a lot going on with my former team that needs some coaching. It's not that they don't know how to do it, it's that they lack the confidence and experience with specific aspects of some of the servers I used to manage. They're learning.

It also does not help that over half the team was offline, leaving the newest person on the team, who's the oncall this week, to fend for himself!

Last night I was on a crit-sit (critical situation conference call) from 21:30 'till 00:30, mostly hand-holding to provide reassurance that the right steps were being taken. The primary administrator for the load-balanced production server, which went berserk, was unreachable.

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